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Trading Idea

In the wikifolio “Reversal Opportunities”, I want to trade stocks that are oversold in the short term and for which I expect a high-momentum counterreaction from a chart technical perspective. For this purpose, suitable candidates are to be filtered out from a basis of European and American stocks based on indicators. The final buy decision and the trade management is then to take place on a discretionary basis and depending on the chart image and the overall market situation. I want to monitor open trades closely so I can react promptly in case of difficulties. The holding period is mainly to be between a few hours and a few days. However, individual stocks that I’ve evaluated as promising may stay in the wikifolio for a longer time and be traded on a trend monitoring basis.

The strategy aims at a balanced, positive capital development that is independent of a rising or falling stock market environment. The mostly short-term holding period and the targeted low risk per trade when compared to the total capital is to serve capital security. show more
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Sabine Krakau
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