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Trading Idea

The objective of the wikifolio “S&P 500 securities dividend strategy” is to generate a higher long-term return than affordable index funds on the S&P500, including dividends.

Selection criteria:
The securities for the wikifolio are to be included in the S&P 500. The aim is for the dividend return of the selected securities to be in the upper third of all S&P 500 securities. In addition, the selected companies are to pay out preferably only a very small portion of the profit. Using these selection criteria, about 40 securities are to be added to the wikifolio on an equally weighted basis each month. If a selected value is not traded via Lang und Schwarz, it will be ignored and the next possible security chosen, until about 40 securities have been added.
It may happen that a security under consideration has only a European ISIN. In order to still be able to consider such a security in the wikifolio, the investment universe has been extended to include European stocks. Examples of S&P 500 securities with only a European ISIN are Garmin Ltd. and Noble Corp.

About a third of the wikifolio should be checked monthly and possibly adjusted according to the above criteria so that the exact starting month should not be decisive for the development of the wikifolio. It is envisaged that capital inflows such as dividends are also taken into account in the adjustment. Apart from the monthly adjustment, securities should only be removed from the wikifolio when they leave the S&P 500.

Currency hedging:
The development of the wikifolio will depend in part on the changes in currency rates between EUR/USD; a currency hedge is not intended. show more
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