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Trading Idea

The wikifolio Vektor is intended to achieve preservation of capital against long-term inflation by investing into shares of companies with strong earnings growth momentum.
From the global universe of equities, I select the companies on the basis of strength of their strategic positioning in established and emerging trends and on assessment of their management's ability to execute the communicated strategy. I tend to pay as much attention to stand alone company's fundamentals as to that of the surrounding it competitive environment.
The investment horizon from adding to excluding shares in wikifolio should ideally be 3 years or longer. The business development of the companies both in the Vektor wikifolio and on its watch list are periodically reviewed. The cases of under-delivered financial results combined with lack of corrective measures, after a certain period would usually trigger exclusion. As a result, rebalancing of the wikifolio shall be triggered by a binary (Buy/Sell) conviction calls based on fundamentals. In addition, the wikifolio should tactically be re-balanced to keep weights of individual shares within certain boundaries of weight parameters to ensure reasonable diversification. Short-term volatility of an individual share price plays a secondary role in investment decisions, however during periodic reviews of wikifolio performance attribution, selected technical indicators such as absolute sector price and volume momentum and security's relative strength in comparison to its sector are analysed. Persistent discrepancies between fundamental and technical outlooks serve as good challengers and would usually lead to a more detailed fundamental analysis.
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