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Trading Idea

Quick Facts:

Goal: Sustainable increase of your investment while limiting losses

Investment: Predominantly in significantly undervalued* quality companies, markets and commodities

Disinvestment: Upon reaching the fair value*

Thank you very much for your investment and your trust!

To achieve the best possible performance for your investment, I plan to invest predominantly in stocks, mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs). As an experienced value investor, I intend to mainly invest in significantly undervalued* quality companies, markets and commodities.
If the price of an investment plummets, but all else is equal, then I aim to keep buying to take advantage of the lower price. Once the fair value* of an investment is reached, it is up for sale. The holding period of investments is rather medium to long-term. The investment ratio can vary between 0% – 100% and depends on many different factors. Furthermore, I try to limit the losses through broad diversification of the portfolio.

My decision-making is based on my own analysis and research from publicly accessible sources and my experience. I plan to publish comments occasionally.

At the end of the day, my goal is to sustainably increase the value of your investment while limiting losses.

Thank you for your investment and your trust!

*is calculated by me and is at my discretion
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Kevin Cermak
Registered since 2013-07-25

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