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Trading Idea

The main objective of the Sagdiyev Family Fund is to generate constant returns, outperforming the benchmark ´MSCI World Financial Total Return Index´, and simultaneously protect the assets under management through various risk management techniques. In order to achieve these objectives in the long run, an annualized return of at least 7.0 percent shall be received, after accounting for inflation on a rolling 16-quarter basis. This is to satisfy the objectives of preserving and increasing capital, while allowing flexibility to investment policy and protecting the real purchasing power of the assets under management.

The fund is only allowed to acquire and hold stakes in companies from the financial industry. The assets have to be rated at least BBB by either Moody’s or Standard and Poors. The fund is also not allowed to invest more than 10 percent in a single asset. Furthermore, the financial institutions, qualifying for an investment, must fulfil the equity regulations proposed by the Basel committee on banking supervision.

Eligible Asset classes:

• Equities
• Money-market-instruments or cash equivalents
• Cash
• Derivative contracts

Only stocks which are listed in the MSCI Enhanced Value Index are entitled to be invested. The stocks within the index are selected based on their fundamental key figures. Therefore, for each stock the Price to earnings ratio, Price to book ratio, Pay-out-ratio and Volume ratio is calculated. Based on the calculated ratios the individual stocks are weighted and invested in.
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