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Trading Idea

The Chinese Manufacture portfolio aims to benefit from the massive upswing in China's economy.
You have to be aware that China has been on the rise for years and that its economic power will expand significantly in the future. China's potential is huge. However, there are also risks involved. So you should also be aware that this portfolio is highly risky and not globally diversified.
China's power is primarily reflected in its companies. They have massive know-how and have a huge inland market. In addition, Chinese companies are becoming more and more international, as Europe and America can no longer afford to do without Chinese services and products.
One of the greatest advantages of doing business in China is that you are working with the state. This may not sound great at first, but it does give the companies a lot of financial support. The state is trying to make the best possible profit from the companies and to expand their power. Everyone knows that China's political power is enormous. Now imagine that this political power is combined with the economic power of corporations.
Insanely profitable companies emerge that have a major influence on the world market.
For the most part, Chinese stocks are still severely undervalued.
We want to take advantage of this with this portfolio.
Only those growth stocks from Chinese companies that have been analyzed in detail and convince with their economic indicators and their ideas for the future are selected. show more

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