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Trading Idea

The idea of this wikifolio is to bundle up promising stocks in potential future sectors worldwide. To find potential first-class companies the following markets should be screened: USA, Europa (mostly Switzerland, Germany, France) and China. This wikifolio shall be led actively however the trading activities should remain on a minimum level to realize the chance of 'buy and hold'.

The main criteria for the selection and the framework of wikifolio operation could be the following:

- diversification through sectors and countries
- diversification through the sizes of companies; therefore, a basis of 50% shall be invested in blue chips, remaining part shall be used for realization of good opportunities with small/ mid/ or large caps
- diversification should reduce volatility to the systematic level of the reference market in combination with a potential higher chance of return
- track record of the company in the past combined with good potential outlooks for the future
- high price setting power of the companies
- regular updates regarding trading activities and current progress

The investment horizon is intended to be mid- to long-term. show more

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Tobias Grüner
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