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Trading Idea

In this Wikifolio, it is intended to invest mainly in equities. The accent should be set on large-caps, but mid-caps can be included too in the future. It is possible for ETF's and leveraged ETF's to be considered.
The risk level should be considered as high in the short run, according to the opinion of the trader. Generally, and as indicated in the decision making tab, a long-term investment horizon should be considered for this type of Wikifolio.

This Wikifolio is daily watched and actively managed by the trader.
The securities picking process is intended by the trader to be based on 4 steps. First, the favorite securities of the trader, based on a combination of fundamental and technical analyses, should be selected to be analysed. Second, only the stocks having a positive momentum in their earnings announcement surprise rates can be selected. Third, based on a combination of historical data and fundamental analysis of the trader and of the street, weights should given to each security, with the objective to maximize the Sortino ratio. Finally, to ensure diversification, every sector is intended to be re-balanced to obtain a minimum percentage of the portfolio capital in each.

The methods employed are intended to be based more on academics than on experience. show more

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