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Trading Idea

Vaspurakan LT is an actively managed long-only Portfolio aiming to invest in large and mid cap companies from the following industries:

-Defence and Aerospace
-Consumer Discretionary and Luxury Goods
-Automotive Industry and OEMs
-Oil and Gas (Upstream and Downstream)

The Portfolio aims to invest in European and U.S. stocks only. The investment philosophy and decisions are based on fundamental analyses. First, the macroeconomic environment must be favorable of the given country of origin of the company. This includes aspects such as regulation, red tape and consumer sentiment.

Then, the company must be in a leading position in its respective sector with a proven track record of delivering superior performance in form of above-average dividend payments and adequate cash flow generation, especially in case of high debt levels. Other metrics such as market share and comparable analyses are also taken into account.

Moreover, cash comprises at least 15% of the Portfolio to ensure a decorrelating effect for the Fund, as well as to ensure opportunistic trades in bull markets. show more

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Hayk Isaian
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