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Trading Idea

Investments are to be swing trades in equities of global well known companies which are to be held for short periods of time and traded when at maximum profits. CD trading is primarily in the tech universe, but supported with stocks in other relatively stable industries, creating a well diversified wikifolio. Investment style is a well balanced mix of active and passive investing as personal quantitative analysis is accompanied with market expectations, analysis and information from internet portals (bloomberg CNN...) etc, in order to create the best decision making environment as to when to buy, sell and/or hold. The goal is a return of 5-10% at lowest possible volatility with relatively high yields over a short term holding period. It is intended to buy within a range of 5-12 securities at a time so as to spread risk while simultaneously increasing profits. We look out for positive future expectations of the market and pleasant company news which should boost prices and consequently earnings. The portfolio is checked several times daily and changed according to new sell/buy signals. show more

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