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Trading Idea

The "Dutch Top15 stocks" -wikifolio is investing in about 15 leading Dutch stocks.
The traded Dutch shares should be those shares with the largest market capitalization in the available investment universe. As a rule, the investment horizon should be long-term.
To achieve a certain minimum and maximum percentage per share in the wikifolio, the wikifolio should be rebalanced once a year (per March). The rebalancing should take place to adjust the contained shares to the target weighting of about 6 to 9 percent.
Shares that are bought for the first time should have a weighting of around 6 percent.
The rebalancing is intended to prevent underperformers from being given too little weight and outperformers from being given too much weight in the wikifolio, so it should fundamentally contribute to risk diversification. Trading in these high-capitalized stocks should generally ensure good tradability under all market conditions.
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