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Trading Idea

Wikifolio which is rather intended for a long-term horizon (10 - 30 years).

Asset Allocation: I intend to focus on
1. companies that operate sustainably (or those of which is to assume that they want to develop a sustainable approach) ,
2. companies with future visions and / or positive action in terms of climate protection,
3. companies where I suspect a high degree of innovation or who have already developed a high degree of innovation,
4. asset classes of stocks, ETFs, funds;
5. exclusion of leverage products and certificates.

I plan asset allocation regardless of their focus and time and again to adapt to market conditions, special features, innovations and new features that are not yet clear today during the description of my trade idea. I would therefore like outside the center of gravity of the asset allocation may engage in future innovations in the market to take advantage of opportunities and trends that are not yet clear or definable today.

Criteria for trade: strategies beyond the mainstream trading, trading tools, research tools from different sectors, trend and future research, demographics factors and other trade-related criteria holding period: market-oriented and intuitive

Sources for decision-making: own sources of long-term financial expertise, The Economist, The Wall Street Journal Germany, Wall Street online, Harvard Business Review, Business week, Financial times, onvista, € uro Fund research, Börsenzeitung, Handelsblatt, Wirtschaftswoche, Die Zeit, brand eins, trend research, and many other sources. show more

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Sabine Hauswirth
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  • Fundamental analysis