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Trading Idea

The wikifolio - The HivE should only invest in the in my opinion biggest and most powerful companies in the world. The size of the companies could be, but is not only defined, by the number of employees, the market capitalization and their influence for economies.

It should be possible to invest in companies at all markets and sectors. Therefore, shares of these selected companies should be able to be included in the wikifolio - The HivE.

The investment in a company should be based on fundamental, news and technical analysis (for example: Relative strength index, Moving average convergence divergence, Bollinger Bands and SMA200).

The wikifolio - The HivE should be able to invest globally in all kind of companies, whereas the size of the companies should fit into the strategy. The number of different companies should usually be between 0 until 40. Therefore, an active reaction on global market situations, risk diversification and risk management should be possible. Extraordinary market situations can therefore generally lead to higher cash positions and even until a 100% cash position in the wikifolio.

Shares of selected companies should be able to be included in the wikifolio - The HivE as long as additional potential is seen by me. Generally the focus should be on medium until long term investments but unpredicted market situations could lead even to short term investments.

The Hive should be an active managed wikifolio.

„To big to fall and the power to create the future, are the ideas behind The HivE!“ - sotrawo. show more

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Richard Dobetsberger
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