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Trading Idea

The goal of my wikifolio "Global Mega-Trends" is to find new technologies and market-sectors whose potential has not yet been recognised by the broad market and which I therefore classify as undervalued.

New technologies and unknown markets are often perceived as risky. In my opinion, this is more because they are not yet well enough understood or the true extent of the innovation is not yet visible, than because of the actual risk of an investment.
But it is precisely in such sectors that I think there is often a very good risk/return ratio.

Finding these technologies / market-sectors is the goal of this wikifolio. However, it should not consist exclusively of new technologies, but also of established companies / economic sectors that are currently experiencing a new upswing. It can be invested in individual shares as well as in all sectors - ETFs.

The weighting of the stocks is done by combining the following points: Trend analysis, risk/reward ratio and fundamental data. Individual stocks can be overweighted in order to increase the return potential. If the price of an overweighted stock rises disproportionately, profits are to be realised regularly and reinvested in the remaining stocks.

My wikifolio "Global Mega-Trends" is geared towards a long-term return - this means that possible short to medium-term setbacks are accepted in order to increase the long-term return potential. Investments can be made in all equities and ETFs worldwide.
The general investment horizon should be between 2 and 7 years, but short-term trades can also be carried out. show more

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