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Trading Idea

This Wikifolio is based on the evaluation of multiple ratios all together to determine a score for long-term profitability of the stock.

This evaluation is based on 9 criteria:
1. Positive ROA;
2. Positive Cash Flow Return on Assets;
3. Change in Return on Assets higher in comparison to last year;
4. Quality of Earnings, determined as the Cash Flow Return on Assets are greater than ROA;
5. Change in gearing lower in comparison to last year;
6. Change in Working Capital (Liquidity) higher than last year;
7. Change in shares in issue lower than last year;
8. Change in Gross Margin is higher than last year;
9. Change in Asset Turnover is higher than last year.

Buying only those companies that scored highest on this 9-point scale, over the last 20 years led to a constant average out-performance over the market.

The portfolio is integrated with valuable and long-term profitable ETFs.
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