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Trading Idea

Disruptive sustainability (DISRPT21): disruptive innovation for a sustainable 21st century.

DISRPT21 should focus on innovative companies contributing towards the UN's sustainable development goals (SDGs) for the 21st century. Companies that aim to provide a safer space for humanity and life on earth. Companies that thrive by innovating for sustainability.

The wikifolio intends to focus on the SDGs, including for example sustainable energy, clean water, novel food and education technologies, genomics, with the corresponding enabling technologies (e.g. electric mobility, artificial intelligence, energy storage, virtual reality, 3D printing) and minor holdings from other sectors when these opportunities are too good to be ignored.

I aim to select those assets that in my opinion have the qualities to 5x in five years. The Investment horizon is intended to be mainly longterm The selection of these assets can be based on fundamental analysis, such as metrics like the price-to-sales ratio and revenue growth rates. The wikifolio aims to contain about 10-50 positions (stocks and ETFs), weighted by conviction. New positions are targeted to be below 20%, while profits are allowed to run. A small portion can be dedicated to less risky or uncorrelated assets as a reserve for rebalancing after a market dip. These may include underlyings like infrastructure, gold and silver, new value stocks, and cryptocurrencies (again, as a hedge), or others. show more

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