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Trading Idea

After 150 years of insignificance of the chinese country in the global market, china has successfully started to plan their future. Expecially when it comes to the trade war against the USA it won't matter that much for the growth of the "empire of the middle".

Overcoming the age of the copycat era (2000-2007) China has turned the "Alternative internet era" where Online-to-Offline services through highly specified network effects form the new raw data for future Artificial Services.

This Certificate focuses strongly on platform companies like Meituan Dianping, Alibaba and Tencent. In Addition to that I bring actual chances with a high growth potential through changes in the society with companies like Luckin Coffee or New Oriental Education. This Certificate will be active managed but with a steady hand and future outlook.

Besides the trade strategy, I would like to inform you, that I have started my interests in Chinese companies through my Bachelor Theses about Customer Engagement Strategies where Chinese companies developed total different strategies for customer growth compared to western companies. I continued my research in Chinese companies during my Master Theses about "New market entry strategies in China for German companies". Especially in this research I defined many success factors for the Chinese market, which factors I include in this strategy.
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