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Trading Idea

Hier dreht sich alles um MEDTECH.
Es wird ausschliesslich in Unternehmensaktien aus diesem Universum investiert. Keine ETFs und keine aktiv gemanagten Fonds.
Zunächst habe ich drei Invest-Kategorien definiert;
1) High-Conviction (+-5% Gewicht jeweils)
2) Herausforderer/Nichenplayer (+-3% Gewichtung)
3) Healthcare-Unternehmen auch teilweise MedTech (+-1-1.5% Gewichtung)

Ziel ist langfristige Wertsteigerung, kein Daytrading.

This wikifolio is all about... MEDTECH.
Only investments in companies/stocks, no mutual fund or ETF investments.
At the starting point, the portfolio will be divided into three categories of stocks:
I - Key priority companies (such as Thermo Fisher and Danaher): will receive an initial weighting of roughly 5% each at the beginning
II - Challenger / 2nd priority stocks (such as Qiagen and Baxer): will receive an initial weighting of 2-3% each
III - Healthcare stocks with key business outside MedTech (such as Johnson & Johnson and Alcon): will receive an initial weighting of 1-1.5%

Active stock selection, but with long-term focus. It is about sustainable investing and not day-trading.
Any substantial stock & strategy changes will be announced. show more
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