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Trading Idea

Modern day aerospace is going to see a revolution in the coming years - This is my opinion and the investment rationale behind this portfolio. The portfolio seeks to invest into the, in my opinion, newest trends around aviation, space exploration and related sectors. The investment strategy is to profit from a potential disruption of the aerospace industry, as well as new paths to be discovered in commercialising space.

Businesses in this portfolio will be picked from a broad spectrum, both from the industrial sector as well as from the technology sector. I believe that new trends, including ultra light-weighted materials, sustainable fuels and AI piloting, but also re-usable rockets and aerial drones will revolutionise the aerospace sector as we know it today. This revolution will also effect related sectors as for example logistics and give a boost to new technologies such as 3D printing. The strategy of this portfolio is to pick the most innovative companies among both mature and young players in the industry. It is intended to keep the portfolio well diversified with various smaller positions to reduce the overall risk.

The investment universe covers Equities (Germany, Europe, USA, hot stocks, international), ETFs and Funds.

Decision making shall be based on Fundamental Analysis. Occasionally, Newstrading and Sentiment Analysis can make part of the decision making process, too. Stocks are selected based on their sector (mostly industrials and technology), their business model and growth prospects.

The investment horizon should be mainly long term (5 to 10 years). show more

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