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Trading Idea

This wikifolio is inspired by Nigam Arora's successful ZYX Buy Change Methode.

We will try to build up trades suggested by the Arora Report Real Time Feed.

The ZYX Change Method calls for scaling in entries in small tranches or installments. We will typically look for buying on down spikes and selling on up spikes. Based on technical analysis and quantitative analysis, entry zones, target zones, and stop zones are predetermined before entering a trade. The key points are to scale in or out within the zones and ahead of the crowd. The goal is to obtain an average price as close to the lower boundary of the zone as possible when buying. When selling, the goal is to obtain an average price as close to the top of the target zone as possible. In times of severe overall market upheaval, stops on individual securities may be temporarily suspended and substituted by hedging or simply selling the stocks and raising substantial cash.
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