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Trading Idea

Aloha - Global Trends World - ETF & Funds - Long & Short

This portfolio is intended to invest in global trends, funds and ETFs (exchange traded funds) that in my opinion are profiting from changes in the world. Changes are usually a main driver for global trends such as digital transformation, industrial development and sustainability. ETFs and investment funds related to products and services which in my opinion have got a growth potential and support sustainable trends in various fields (e.g. nutrition, energy, technology or health), should be chosen. The goal is to participate in this development with this portfolio. The selection should be based on technical analysis. The time frame should generally be predominantly long-term. However, short-term transactions could be possible. For security and hedging purposes, short ETFs could be used in falling market phases. The distribution should be adapted to current developments in the respective markets, sectors and countries. The goal is to follow the trend and achieve a possibly steady return. show more
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Jörg Zimmer
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#AlohaGlobalTrendsWorld : Knowledge level. I believe in something. Everything is somehow connected. Every human being is part of a larger universe. Every thought and action has long-term consequences. Everything will come back someday. We are all one. There are 1000 options and 1000 values. With my actions, I will support even more what I believe in. 100% are possible in almost all values. To do something unethical is not in my nature. I love performance and will get it in exactly the values ​​that I consider useful from a superordinate point of view. For this reason, I am increasingly looking for values ​​that are represented in ethical / ecological indices and live a certain sustainability. We are ONE.


Maxi Scalibusa

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#AlohaGlobalTrendsWorld : "Activate your DNA and follow your Instinct." Maxi Scalibusa

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Comment on X(I)-AI+BIG DATA ETF 1CDL

#AlohaGlobalTrendsWorld : AI + BIG DATA ETF. Aloha. Maxi Scalibusa

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#AlohaGlobalTrendsWorld : UBS MSCI World Socially Responsible ETF. Pay attention to sustainability and social responsibility when selecting values ​​from the MSCI World Index. Something that should be considered much more often. That's exactly what the Aloha mission is for. That's great. The MSCI World ETF with the bonus of responsibility. Aloha. Maxi Scalibusa

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