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Trading Idea

Aloha - Global Trends World - ETF & Funds - Long & Short

This portfolio is intended to invest in global trends, funds and ETFs (exchange traded funds) that in my opinion are profiting from changes in the world. Changes are usually a main driver for global trends such as digital transformation, industrial development and sustainability. ETFs and investment funds related to products and services which in my opinion have got a growth potential and support sustainable trends in various fields (e.g. nutrition, energy, technology or health), should be chosen. The goal is to participate in this development with this portfolio. The selection should be based on technical analysis. The time frame should generally be predominantly long-term. However, short-term transactions could be possible. For security and hedging purposes, short ETFs could be used in falling market phases. The distribution should be adapted to current developments in the respective markets, sectors and countries. The goal is to follow the trend and achieve a possibly steady return. show more
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Jörg Zimmer
Registered since 2015-10-15

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This wikifolio is 1/6 in my roof wikifolio "Maxi Scalibusa All-in-One" . In this, 6 different strategies are brought together to form one roof. With this construct, I absorb the fluctuations of individual strategies. In this way, the individual phases of the global markets can be better exploited. Aloha. Maxi Scalibusa

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Vision Statement 1:

20 years ago, I once wrote, "The Internet and the new media will change the lives of everyone in the world." Yes, they do today. Currently faster and more comprehensive than ever before. From a deep vision, I believe that we are now on the threshold of a new wave. We integrate the internet and all its facets into our everyday life. The next logical step is artificial intelligence. Your smartphone is learning. Your favorite software is learning. Your digital assistant is learning. He gets to know you. Learn to love him. Personal artificial intelligence will once again fundamentally change and improve your everyday life. You will experience and feel part of this "perfect" world in the near future through Virtual Reality. After the initial phase of VR, you'll want these scaling options and opportunities for your everyday life. The next few years are characterized by technological and social innovations that are essentially driven by all software and data. For this reason, I will look at every company from small to large in this topic. My mission is clear. To provide the world of my thoughts in concepts and strategies. I will participate in the companies that I believe have scalable potential in their topic. From my background and my interest are the socially important topics such as universal technology, scalable everyday solutions and innovations that improve life.


Maxi Scalibusa

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Comment on LYX.IF-ROB.AI DLA

#AlohaGlobalTrendsWorld : Lyxor Index Fund - Robotics & AI UCITS ETF - I saw it in my dreams. They work at night. To play this theme here a quote from the description of this instrument: "The investment objective of the Fund is to track the rise and fall of the Rise of the Robots NTR Index ("benchmark index") in US Dollars (USD) to enable exposure to a dynamic basket of stocks whose companies are developing of artificial intelligence, automation and robotics, or will benefit from the use of these advanced technologies."

This goes well with the Aloha mission. Maxi Scalibusa

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#AlohaGlobalTrendsWorld : WisdomTree Artificial Intelligence UCITS ETF - Quote from the description of this instrument: "The Fund seeks to replicate the price and yield performance of the NASDAQ CTA Artificial Intelligence Index (the 'Index'). The Index is intended to track the performance of companies active in the Artificial Intelligence ('AI') field, as determined by the Consumer Technology Association ('CTA'), and as such by Enabler, Engager or Enhancer (Enabler, Developer, enhancer). The Index uses the CTA's AI Intensity Rating, which tracks the perceived level of exposure of a company in the AI ​​industry within the Enabler, Engager and Enhancer categories. Companies ranked in the Top 15 CTA Intensity Rating of each category will be included in the index. Additions and deletions of securities are reviewed and rebalanced semi-annually in March and September. The index uses a custom equilibrium method that targets the following weight distribution by category: Enablers - 40%; Engagers - 50%; Enhancers - 10%."

This goes well with the Aloha mission. Maxi Scalibusa

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