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Trading Idea

The investment strategy should be to focus on long term investments and exclude leverage products. In my opinion, the focus should be on innovative "growth" companies. The aim should be to focus on companies which, in my opinion, predominantly meet the following criteria:

1. The companies should stand out through innovation.
2. For me, a long-term approach should be evident in the business models and in management activities.
3. The management strategy should be implemented in a meaningful way.
4. The focus should be on outstanding products.
5. The management should be interested in the success of the shareholders.
6. Good managers should keep their position in the company as long as possible, so that a certain consistency in management style can be maintained.
7. Demand for products should predominantly increase.
8. The revenue should show decent growth, not only in retrospect, but also in analysts forecast.
9. The equity ratio should, if possible, be within a range that seems reasonable to me.
10. In my view, the expected earnings should just justify the current Stock valuations.

Qualitative criteria should, if possible, be placed above fundamental data, as I consider them to be much more important for my approach. As far as it seems reasonable to me, price setbacks should be used as a buying opportunity. The focus should be on less than 15 different securities in the portfolio, if possible, whereby it is planned to weight the individual securities asymmetrically, depending on the risk/reward assessment.
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