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Hottest Stocks in CW 10/22

Last week people traded for all it was worth on Find out here which stocks were bought and sold in particular large numbers and which motives were decisive for this.

Last week's hottest stocks - charts, a magnifying glass, pens and glasses
Source: Anna Nekrashevich,

Fear of Missing Out: Buying when prices rise

# Name Performance 7 days bought in this wikifolio, among others
1 Rheinmetall 33.50% Techwerte Invest
2 Cameco 5.20% PPinvest Searching Alpha
3 Mosaic 24.09% SystemAlpha Technology Trend
4 Thales 15.91% Refresh
5 Secunet Security 10.29% Nordstern

The "Fear of Missing Out" - FOMO for short - leads traders to buy shares whose price has already risen significantly. This trading motive could be observed again last week in the German defense company and automotive supplier Rheinmetall. The current global political situation caused the stock to skyrocket for the second week in a row.

Buying the Dip: Buys when prices fall

# Name Performance 7 days bought in this wikifolio, among other
1 SAP -5.13% Biological Tech-Future
2 Allianz -9.39% GroDiVal TrendInvest
3 Verbio -7.74% Trendfollowing Deutschland
4 Airbus -16.12% Nordstern
5 Micron Technology -6.48% Cybersecurity Innovators

The "buying the dip" trading motive is evident when traders buy falling stocks in the hope of a bottoming out - in other words, the imminent turnaround. This is what happened last week with the German software company SAP. SAP recently presented good figures for the past fiscal year. Nevertheless, the reaction of investors was initially restrained. The reason for this could be the company's earnings outlook. The software group expects a decline in operating profit of up to five percent.

Taking Profit: Selling when prices are rising

# Name Performance 7 days sold in this wikifolio, among others
1 PowerCell Sweden 8.98% Top 50 Community Aktien M
2 Brockhaus Capital 6.52% Aiolos Invest
3 Liveperson 25.53% Nordstern
4 Appen 10.63% Schoepferische Zerstoerung
5 Frontline 7.48% Multi-Asset Allokation

The motive "taking profit" - that is, selling when the share price is rising - could be observed last week in the hydrogen company PowerCell Sweden. The gains of the PowerCell stock were the absolute exception in recent months. Since November 2021 the share lost consistently. Therefore, many traders are apparently using the current upward breakout to part with the stock.

Jumping the Ship: Selling when prices are falling

# Name Performance 7 days sold in this wikifolio, among others
1 Kazatomprom -16.88% Szew Small Cap
2 Commerzbank -26.94% Trendfolge nach Levy
3 Deutsche Bank -23.05% Nordstern
4 Lufthansa -19.99% 25 Jahre Börsenerfahrung
5 HelloFresh -21.02% Katjuscha Research Aktientrading

Selling when prices are falling - this is what characterizes the "Jumping the Ship" category. Kazakhstan's mining company Kazatoprom was hit by this fate last week. The company, which specializes in the mining of uranium, lost around 17 percent of its market value over the week. Cindy Meyer (CreativeHedge) sold her shares at the beginning of last week. She justified the sale from her wikifolio URAN only as follows: "Due to the proximity to Russia, the stock is sold - although it is currently not yet subject to Western sanctions."

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