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Trading Idea

22nd Century Investing is focused on investing in value driven future segments and technologies.

In each segment (e.g. hydrogen, sensors, or AI), the most fruitful players are picked and ranked based on their financials over time (P&L, balance sheet, cash flow), their strategy (market, technology, M&A, positioning), and their innovation (Customer growth and net retention, R&D spendings, patent applications, technology leadership, R&D personnel percentage, R&D ROI). The best players are then selected for the portfolio.

Following segments, technologies, and industries will be part of the portfolio:
Fintech, AI, Lab Meat, Chipproducers, Rare Metal Mining, Food & Farming, E-Commerce, Electrification, Hydrogen, Sensors/AI-Vision, E-Gaming, Biotech, Entertainment, Sustainable Tech, Screen & AR & VR, B2B Engineering, Business Software & Servers, 3D Printing, Aeral Engineering, Logistics, Satellite & Space, Quant Computing, Blockchain

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