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Trading Idea

Since the markets, contrary to popular theory, are not always perfect in my opinion, exaggerations always occur (downwards and upwards). This wikifolio is to trade just such “exaggerations” on a countercyclical basis. This means that it is assumed that the price will eventually correct exaggerations.
Numerous scientific studies have shown that, in particular with short-term time horizons, countercyclical strategies have achieved significant excess returns compared to the overall market.

Trading decisions should be made based on the technical analysis of the charts. Several methods may be employed. Primarily chart technical supports should be used to build up positions in securities that have undergone distinct corrections. On the other hand, resistances should be used to build up positions on falling prices.

The position configuration of trend channels, Fibonacci retracements or the Bollinger Bands should take place in a similar fashion.

I intend to run a clear risk and money management. The risk of each position is to be limited to about two percent of the brokerage account value for example.

Nevertheless, the fact remains: “Thinking differently and swimming against the current can be a useful portfolio addition for many.”

For anyone interested, I offer a blog where a majority of the trades will be explained in more detail. The link:

The blog is no offering of the wikifolio GmbH.

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