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Trading Idea

The Economies of Tomorrow. This wikifolio contains only ETFs. The included ETFs should cover regions of the world that will in my opinion play a more important role in the world economy in the future than they do now. This includes but is not limited to: China, South-East-Asia, India, Nigeria, South Africa, Brazil. It is intended to also cover industries that I expect to play a bigger role in the future than they are playing now. This are for example: Cloud computing, E-mobility/batteries, clean energy and water, artificial intelligence, automation, blockchain technology, genetic engineering. The idea is to participate in that development passively and positions should be hold long term so trading will only occur occasionally in order to represent the idea and keep the balance in diversification or to include emerging industries not included yet. ETFs will be selected using fundamental analysis of the covered regions or markets represented by the ETF respectively the underlying indices. This should include global and political analyses as well as analyses of the market situation regarding the covered technologies. Quantitative and qualitative analyses of individual corporations should be included in cases where those companies contribute to an index in a relativ large proportion and/or an index only contains a small number of individual securities. show more

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