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Trading Idea

The strategy shall be to buy stocks, ETFs and funds from all over the world which had a large drop in a few days with the aim of getting a high return out of the recovery of the stock price short afterwards (see Dead Cat Bounce).
Almost every day several big plunges of certain stocks can be observed. More rarely this can also be seen for branches and indices. For instance, these can be:
- sellout of a biotech stock because of an FDA rejection
- bad quarterly numbers of a company
- individual challenges of companies
- crashes of the whole market or indices because of political decisions like the BREXIT-decision

For all these reasons for an asset to lose value the following criteria usually shall be used to invest:
- general market mood
- spread of the stock, especially when it is traded below €1
- percentage of the daily loss
- overreaction of the investors
- popularity of the company
- chart technique

This portfolio tries to invest in those stocks, ETFs and funds which I believe have the biggest potential to recover. These could be from all over the world. Additionally, boosted ETFs could be used for a nearly direct investment in resources et cetera. It is tried not to diversify too much, and therefore around 1-5 assets shall be contained in the portfolio. If it is the case that a whole branch suffers a huge loss in value, funds shall be used to reduce risk.

Summary of the portfolio characteristics:
- the portfolio wants to achieve many daily short-term investments and sales
- therefore, something like fundamental analysis shall not be a big criterion for the decision
- the extending of the portfolio value is not necessarily dependent on market trends.
- a huge degree of diversification is not what this portfolio wants to achieve
- the volatility of this portfolio could be very high because these short-term trades bear high risks show more

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