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Trading Idea

This wikifolio is trying to archive a symbiosis between human and machine by evaluating companies together.

To archive this goal, the trader created an AI system.
The AI system is trained to predict the future performance of a stock given numerous features.
The predictions then get sorted by their performance and the best 'n' picks make up the screening result whereas the amount varies from the amount of data, their quality and the traders choice.
The result then gets backtested many times by a specifically developed algorithm to ensure its relative outperformance over random picks. Please note that the past performance is no indicator of future performance.

The companies with the best predicted performance then get sorted for fundamental problems like a bad management, unethical behaviour, a bad cashflow statement and many other reasons which are freely determined by the trader and are subject to change depending on the current insight and interpretation of the overall stock market.

The wikifolio is trying to hold the security over a longer period of time.
The holding period is depending on many factors like the underlying business, the price and changes in the insight from either the machine or the trader.

Information for the decision making is obtained from many resources whereas the most common are:
A Dataset for the AI and human information resources like annual reports for the trader. show more

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Robin Spanier
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