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Trading Idea

In our experience, brand values grow over extended periods, as long as the brand is “in”. Furthermore, we assume that rising brand values go hand in hand with disproportionately rising stock prices.

In our Top Global Brands wikifolio, companies that represent strong global brands should be directly invested in. The wikifolio should be supplemented with fast-growing regional brands.

Companies with long-term increasing brand value and short-term rising earnings expectations should be included in the wikifolio on a preferential basis. Other selection criteria include, among others, a small debt, a high operating margin and high free cash flow return by industry standards. The focus is on liquid blue chips, mid-caps are admixed. As part of a wikifolio optimization, industry filters are used to ensure optimal diversification. Up to about 40 stocks are to be included in the wikifolio. The investment ratio aimed at is basically at 90–100%. show more
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