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Trading Idea

This Wikifolio is based on stock picking stocks through fundamental analysis.
I deliberately will not follow one rigid valuation approach, since every company has to be rated based on different factors, including but not limited to line of business, growth phase, size and location.

In this Wikifolio I want to seize opportunities on the market in a flexible way. That means according to the overall market situation there can be value- or momentum plays, picking of turnaround candidates and growth stories.
Since no strategy can be applied in every situation, I intend to limit the buildup of cluster risks by not sticking to one single approach for every decision.

The wikifolio should mainly contain stocks from Europe and North America. Additions of stocks from other regions can be included, if I see opportunities there.

I aim to run a concentrated portfolio of about 10 to 20 positions with a medium investment horizon.
Usually the Wikifolio should be fully invested. If I do not see promising candidates in the market a temporarily elevated cash position is possible. show more

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