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Trading Idea

Sentiment analysis is achieved by constructing machine learning pipelines that could process vast quantities of information - financial market news and social media data. AI-powred sentiment analysis could identify and quantify growth expectations towards financial assets with reasonable accuracy. In an environment of extreme monetary expansion, growth expectations might outweigh fundamentals as a dominant factor when projecting short to midterm price movements of financial assets. The underlying strategy of this wikifolio is to continuously measure sentiment towards financial assets and try to leverage this information by capturing profits from short to midterm price movements. The Global Growth Sentiment wikifolio would manage about 15 positions - stocks and ETFs from around the world. The investment horizon is short to mid-term. Financial markets sentiment is analyzed monthly. If significant shifts would be detected the wikifolio positions could be rebalanced. One or more positions could be closed as capital is reallocated to new positions. show more

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